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Are you looking for an exciting career opportunity in the United States with one of the world’s most innovative companies? Amazon could be your ticket to not just a job, but an evolving journey of professional growth, and for international applicants, it could also mean visa sponsorship. With Amazon’s commitment to diversity and inclusion, the tech giant is a beacon for talent worldwide, and they’re hiring now.

Advertisement, Inc. is a multinational tech company that has its base in Seattle, USA. The company’s main services are e-commerce, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and digital streaming services. It is, more or less, basically an online service provider.

Amazon has been one of the fastest-growing companies in the world over the last couple of years. Not only is Amazon’s founder the world’s richest man, but the company also keeps growing every other day. With that kind of growth, Amazon is hiring all of the time.

Now, for a company to grow to those extents, it shows that the team behind it is strongly dedicated. These aren’t just guys looking to get paid by the end of the day. They are looking to make a difference in the world.

Since the company mainly operates online, how else do you expect them to be hiring? Of course, their main avenue for hiring has got to be online too. But how can you get a job online when Amazon is hiring?

The company was founded, by Bezos, in 1994 in Washington D.C. Today, it is by far considered one of the top tech companies in the world. Amazon pulls in revenue of around $233 billion, according to Forbes in 2018. It may be even higher today.

Opportunities Abound at Amazon

Amazon offers a vast range of positions, from software development to marketing, logistics, and beyond. No matter your area of expertise, there’s a good chance Amazon has a place for you. The company is known for its dynamic work environment and its culture of customer obsession, innovation, and long-term thinking.

Visa Sponsorship: Your Gateway to Working in the U.S.A

For qualified international candidates, Amazon offers visa sponsorships. This means that if you land a job with Amazon, they may support your application for a work visa. This is a huge benefit for those looking to start their career in the U.S. but requires the proper authorization to do so.

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How to Apply

The application process for Amazon jobs in the U.S. is straightforward. Here are the steps:

  1. Visit the Amazon Jobs Portal: Start by visiting Amazon. jobs, the official employment portal for Amazon, to find open positions.
  2. Search for Visa-Sponsored Positions: Use the search function to find roles that indicate visa sponsorship is available. You can use keywords like “visa sponsorship” or filter by location to focus on jobs in the United States.
  3. Prepare Your Application: Tailor your CV and cover letter to highlight your skills and experiences that make you the perfect fit for the role. Be sure to mention your need for visa sponsorship.
  4. Submit Your Application: Once you’ve found a suitable position and prepared your application, submit it through Amazon. jobs portal.
  5. Interview Process: If your application is shortlisted, Amazon will contact you to start the interview process, which typically includes both technical assessments and behavioral interviews.

Things to Consider

  • Visa Type: The type of visa sponsorship Amazon can provide will depend on the job and your qualifications. Common visa types include the H-1B for specialty occupations and the L1 for internal company transfers.
  • Eligibility: Visa sponsorship is subject to U.S. immigration laws, and eligibility can vary. Ensure you meet the qualifications for the visa category Amazon is sponsoring.
  • Timeline: Visa processes can be lengthy, so apply well in advance and be prepared for potential wait times.

Why Amazon?

Working at Amazon isn’t just a job; it’s an opportunity to be part of a community that pushes the boundaries of what’s possible. Employees are encouraged to be curious, to think big, and to take ownership of their work. Plus, Amazon’s comprehensive benefits package is designed to support the diverse needs of its workforce.

Are there any specific qualifications or requirements for international candidates applying for visa sponsorship?

Yes, there are specific qualifications and requirements that international candidates must meet when applying for jobs that offer visa sponsorship in the U.S. These are a combination of company policies, job-specific requirements, and immigration law stipulations. Here’s what candidates typically need to know:

Educational and Professional Qualifications:

  1. Degree Requirements: For most specialized roles, including those in the tech industry, candidates are often required to have at least a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent in a related field. Higher-level positions might require a master’s degree or Ph.D.
  2. Work Experience: Relevant work experience in the candidate’s field can be crucial. For example, the H-1B visa requires the job to be in a specialty occupation that typically requires specialized knowledge and a bachelor’s degree or higher.
  3. Licenses or Certifications: Some roles may require professional licenses or certifications, especially those in regulated industries like healthcare or law.
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Language Proficiency:

  • English Language: Proficiency in English is usually a must for working at an American company like Amazon, and it may also be necessary for the visa application process.

Visa-Specific Requirements:

  1. H-1B Visa: This is a common visa type for skilled workers in specialty occupations. To qualify for H-1B sponsorship, the job must normally require a bachelor’s degree or higher. The number of H-1B visas issued each year is subject to a cap, which can make obtaining this visa competitive.
  2. L1 Visa: The L1 visa is for intracompany transferees who work in managerial positions or have specialized knowledge. To qualify, the candidate must have been employed by the company outside the U.S. for at least one continuous year within the past three years.
  3. O-1 Visa: The O-1 visa is for individuals with extraordinary ability or achievement in their field. To qualify, candidates must demonstrate a high level of expertise and recognition in their professional area.

Legal and Procedural Requirements:

  • Passport Validity: Candidates must have a valid passport that remains valid for a certain period beyond their intended period of stay in the U.S.
  • Nonimmigrant Intent: For most temporary work visas, applicants must prove that they intend to return to their home country after their visa expires.
  • Labor Condition Application (LCA): For H-1B visas, the employer must file an LCA with the U.S. Department of Labor, attesting to several items, including payment of prevailing wages for the position and working conditions.

Financial Stability:

  • Candidates may need to prove that they can support themselves financially during their stay in the U.S. This is often covered by the salary offered by the sponsoring employer.

Clear Background Check:

  • A clean legal record is often necessary, and candidates will typically undergo a background check as part of the visa process.

These are general guidelines and may not include all the possible requirements or exceptions. For the most accurate and personalized information, candidates should consult with the potential employer’s human resources department, an immigration attorney, or the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) website. It’s also important to note that immigration policies can change, and they may affect the availability of visa sponsorships and the specific requirements for obtaining them.

What are some common exceptions or additional requirements that international candidates should be aware of?

International candidates should be aware of several exceptions and additional requirements that can influence their eligibility for visa sponsorship and employment in the U.S. Here are some common factors to consider:

Country-Specific Agreements

  • Treaty Visas: Certain countries have treaties with the U.S. that allow their citizens to apply for specific types of visas, such as the E-3 visa for Australian citizens or the TN visa for Canadian and Mexican citizens under the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA).

Cap-Exempt Positions

  • Higher Education and Research Institutions: For H-1B visas, positions at institutions of higher education or related non-profit entities, as well as non-profit research organizations or government research organizations, are not subject to the annual cap.
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Dual Intent Visas

  • K Visas and Certain L Visas: Some visa categories permit dual intent, meaning you can enter the U.S. temporarily while also intending to immigrate permanently in the future.

Priority Workers and Exceptional Ability

  • O-1 Visas: These visas are for individuals with extraordinary ability or achievement. There is no annual cap, but the standards for qualifying are very high.
  • EB-1 Visas: This employment-based, first-preference visa is for outstanding professors, researchers, and people with extraordinary ability in certain fields.

Family and Marital Status

  • Spousal and Family Visas: If you have a spouse or children, they may need to apply for derivative visas (such as H-4 for dependents of H-1B visa holders) to accompany you or join you later.

Prevailing Wage Requirements

  • Labor Condition Application (LCA): For H-1B and certain other visas, the sponsoring employer must commit to paying at least the prevailing wage in the geographic area where the job is located.

Visa Renewal and Status Adjustments

  • Renewals: Some visas can be renewed or extended within the U.S. without having to leave the country, but there are specific requirements for each renewal.
  • Adjustment of Status: If you are looking to become a permanent resident, you may be able to adjust your status from a nonimmigrant to an immigrant under certain conditions.

Specialized Skills and Training

  • Training and Internship Programs: Under the J-1 visa, there are opportunities for work-and-study-based exchange visitor programs, including internships for foreign students and professionals.

Waivers and Exemptions

  • J-1 Visa Waiver: For those who are subject to the two-year home-country physical presence requirement, there may be waivers available under certain circumstances, such as a No Objection Statement from your home country’s government.

Legal and Administrative Delays

  • Visa Retrogression: Sometimes, more people apply for a visa in a particular category than there are visas available, leading to a backlog. This can delay the issuance of the visa even after approval.
  • Administrative Processing: Additional security checks and administrative processing can delay visa issuance for some applicants.

Cultural Exchange and Special Programs

  • Diversity Visa Lottery: The U.S. Department of State runs a Diversity Immigrant Visa Program (DV Lottery) that offers up to 50,000 immigrant visas annually, drawn from random selection among entries to individuals from countries with low rates of immigration to the United States.

International candidates need to stay informed about the specific requirements and any changes in U.S. immigration policy that may affect them. For the most accurate and current information, consulting with an immigration attorney or a qualified immigration professional, and checking official resources such as the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is highly recommended.


Amazon’s commitment to hiring the best talent doesn’t stop at borders. With visa sponsorship opportunities, the company opens doors for international professionals to work in the U.S.A. and contribute to a company that’s at the forefront of technology and innovation. If you’re ready to take on this challenge, don’t hesitate — apply now and take the first step towards an exciting career journey with Amazon.

Remember, the future is just a click away. Good luck!

Disclaimer: Please note that the visa sponsorship details are subject to change based on Amazon’s policies and the U.S. government’s immigration regulations. Always refer to the official Amazon jobs portal and the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) website for the most current information.

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